IEPC Summer 2021 Virtual Events

The IEPC 2022 Technical Committee is pleased to inform the community that we will be hosting virtual activities during Summer 2021 to fill the gap resulting from the delay of the 37th IEPC. These include a student presentation competition and a series of panel discussions about relevant topics.

We are currently looking for interested participants including government and industry experts across the ERPS community to serve as panelists and judges.

Students should submit a brief abstract to participate in the research competitions with the chance for cash prizes and interested industry participants should email the organizers, cc: Lubos Brieda:


Templates are available for both LaTeX and Word. Please disregard any dates included in the template.

NOTE: Abstracts for the 2021 Summer Student Research Competition should be 500 words, maximum.


Please submit your 500 word max abstract below by 11:59 ET on April 16, 2021. Abstract acceptance notifications will be released by May 1, 2021. Note that there will be no paper associated with the abstract, only an oral presentation. Please select "Paper + Oral Presentation" upon submission (again, no paper will be required).

Key dates: 
Note that the final round competition will occur on just one day (TBA) during the last week of July 2021.

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